The Code of Conduct is a standard of conduct an editor is expected to follow. This conduct conduct is currently being written and debated. At the moment please follow the given conducts.

Edit warsEdit

In-case of an editor war, the conflicting editors must debate their subject in the comments of the page. The conflicting editors have to provide their source and a statement behind their edits. The editor that behaves uncivil in the discussion has to be reported to prevent further disruption of this wiki's peace.

Conflicting sourcesEdit

Should a debate arise of a conflicting source, please provide the two sources. A good example is the Official Prima game guide for Mirror's Edge, where certain information is false and conflicts with the actual information in the release game and other official sources. In that case the information on official sites and the actual game weights more.

Copying dataEdit

In this wiki, copy-pasting large chunks of information to justify content is prohibited. If you're low on content, leave it as is and use the under construction template.

The editor must also avoid copying data from the [Mirror's Edge wiki] as it can trigger penalties.


The guidelines of formatting for this wiki are currently being written. At the moment the editor has to follow the formatting of other major settled game wikias. That means boldding the subject in the introductory paragraphs and having no headline for the overview of the subject.

Examples of properly formatted articlesEdit


The editor can create a redirect when the subject is referred to with multiple names. A redirect should not be created however when there's a plural and singular form of the subject, only one can persist.