The Inc TASER X26 or simply the M26 Taser is an automatic pistol seen in Mirror's Edge. This weapon is used by the Project Icarus runners. Faith can't pick up the taser, she only uses it on the runner cop when she tries to incapacitate him. The electric fences throughout the game give out a similar effect when damaging the player.

The taser is very lazily scripted. The pursuit cop does not replace the taser cartridge despite he has fired it once and there's no animation on the actual taser. It acts like a handgun with electric ammunition with no ammo limit. The said could be the reason as to why it's not available to the player.


  • If a player mods in the taser for Faith's use, the taser does no damage.
  • There are 2 types of taser spawns in the game, "TaserContent," and, "Taser." TaserContent has no model and uses the default test sound. It does very little damage and acts like a pistol. The "Taser" however is the one used by the NPCs, if the player spawns this weapon, it will do no damage but will work like a taser; buzzes if the trigger is held.


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