The H&K MP5K-PDW is a sub-machine gun featuring a collapsible skeleton stock and a 15-round magazine. They are equipped by the assault teams and carry 30 rounds per magazine when fully loaded.


  • The assault team in the drains is armed with MP5Ks.
  • Even though the gun model has a 15 round magazine, the actual magazine capacity in the game is 30 rounds.
  • Promotional concept artwork where Faith punches an enemy features a variant of this weapon, the MP5SD6.
  • The Leap of Faith tv add features an MP5A5 as well, it's only visible for a second however, and can be seen at approximately 18 seconds on the floor.
  • This weapon is named TdWeapon_AssaultRifle_MP5K in the inventory list despite it being a sub-machine gun.


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