The only grenades present in Mirror's Edge were less-than-lethal grenades like Smoke Grenades and Stun Grenades.

Smoke GrenadesEdit

Smoke grenades when unpinned and thrown, emit a cloud of white smoke. It's used by PK's SWAT teams and by runner cops. The smoke from the grenade lasts only a few seconds in the game, unlike real life, making it ineffective.

Stun GrenadesEdit

Stun Grenades when unpinned and thrown, explode and produce a blinding flash and a deafening sound. It's only used by PK's SWAT teams in Heat. If one looks at it, or their eyesight encounters a detonated stun grenade, they would be blinded momentarily and cannot hear anything around them for a few seconds. The stun grenade in the game however is not very effective, as Faith recovers from the bang in just a second.

Fragmentation GrenadesEdit

See unreleased content.

Weapons in Mirror's Edge (2008)
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