The Barrett M95 is a sniper rifle found in Mirror's Edge. It's used by PK snipers and the assassin also uses this sniper rifle to assassinate her targets. When used by the player, this weapon bypasses the enemy's HP and instantly kills them, even if they aren't scripted to die; like Celeste, but it doesn't work on Jacknife however. This weapon is first seen in Jacknife, when PK attempts to intercept Faith in the drains. Later on in the game Faith has to use this sniper rifle to stop a convoy in Kate.


  • When held by the snipers, the weapon has a visible laser which helps the player avoid the fire. The actual model however has no laser sight attached and the laser could just be Faith's runner vision, just like with every weapon with a supposed attachment in the game.
  • This weapon outputs 100HP worth of damage when used by the player, despite it being scripted to instantly kill it's targets.


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